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What Impact Has the Epidemic Had on the Gas Stove Industry?

What Impact Has the Epidemic Had on the Gas Stove Industry?

Issue Time:2022/02/24
the specific impact of the epidemic on the gas stove industry and the solutions Greaidea has implemented to meet this challenge

At present, the global epidemic continues to spread, and the purchase rate of gas stove products has been extremely low in recent years. Under the circumstance that the export of gas stoves to foreign countries is also restricted due to the epidemic, the major manufacturers of gas stoves have felt a serious survival crisis. Today, let's talk about the specific impact of the epidemic on the gas stove industry, and the solutions Greaidea has implemented to meet this challenge.

Analysis of the current environment

In terms of overall development, traditional range hoods, gas stoves, steam ovens, etc. have been unable to meet the needs of consumer groups. Multifunctional integrated kitchen appliances have become the main direction to promote market development.

From the perspective of kitchen appliances, emerging multi-function machine categories such as dishwashers, built-in stoves, and integrated stoves took the lead in recovering. Become the main driving force of the kitchen appliance industry under the development of the epidemic.

The market demand for consumption has decreased, and the price war has begun

Under the influence of the epidemic, the average income of residents across the country has declined, consumer spending has become more cautious, consumer groups have increased their awareness of anti-risk, and the lack of effective consumer demand and insufficient consumer demand has made the development of the kitchen appliance market more uncertain. As an integrated kitchen electric facility emerging in the market, the integrated stove coexists with development and crisis. The average price of all household appliances has declined, and the growth rate of volume has been mismatched.

Channel change trend

Each sales channel has its own advantages and disadvantages, but in the Internet era, especially under the influence of the epidemic, it is an inevitable trend for the integrated stove industry to achieve omnichannel layout and development. Since 2019, the proportion of online channels has exceeded 20%. The rise of social e-commerce has further accelerated the growth of online channels.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the integrated stove market, in addition to expanding channels, integrated stove enterprises can seize the opportunities in the post-epidemic period to gain a place in the future market competition and achieve sustainable development.

Greaidea has also been affected by the outbreak of the epidemic, and we quickly formulated the following solutions.

1. Insist on controlling the quality of products

Greaidea has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality gas hob and range hoods. In our R&D department, 16 engineers are employed to guarantee our R&D advantage and continuous improvement. Every year, 3% of revenue will be invested in R&D . With an excellent manufacturing team & QC team, we can realize the annual output of 800,000pcs gas hob and 300,000pcs range hood product with optimal quality.

Even in the case of rising manufacturing costs, we will not cut corners. We will be equipped with a professional quality inspection system to conduct comprehensive quality control of products.

2. Upgrade service system

We will provide professional one-stop procurement services according to the needs of users, and our perfect sales mechanism also provides a comprehensive guarantee for after-sales service.

3. Offer competitive prices

You can directly send your needs to us, and we will give you timely feedback with the most cost-effective solution. You can also find a large number of quality products on our website at competitive prices.

Greaidea is an OEM and ODM leader in gas cooktops, gas water heaters, and range hoods, and we have always been committed to providing our customers and strategic partners with the best solutions and considerate services. We manufacture and supply the world's top brands, and our strong supply chain ensures on-time delivery. If you are interested in our integrated stove, please contact us now!
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