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  • R&D Advantage
  • Manufacturing Advantage
  • Quality Control Advantage

R&D Advantage

Specializing in developing gas hob, gas water heater and range hood.

Greaidea is the OEM & ODM leader for gas hob, gas water heater and range hood, we have been dedicated to offer the optimal solution and considerate service to our customers and strategic partners.

- Over 20 rich-experience engineers, well educated in university and industry.

- Over 20 years’ experience of developing gas hob, gas water heater and range hood.

- Developed nearly 1,000pcs molds for finished products and components.

- Over 30pcs new models has been developed annually with patent.

- Over 3% of total annual sale revenue has been invested to R&D.

R&D Strength
product engineer teams
experience of developing
new designs developed annually
suits of mold
total revenue as R&D investment.

Manufacturing Advantage

100% On Time Delivery for Top Brand and World-class Supermarket.

-Greaidea supply products for Electrolux, CATA, TEKA, Westinghouse, Rheem, Rinnai, SINGER, etc.

-With supply products for Walmart, Amazon, Mercado Libre, Lazada, Shopee, etc.

-Greaidea win good reputation from above the clients.

-Strong Supply Chain To Guarantee On Time Delivery And Strong Ability To Against Current Crises.

Large annually production capacity > 1,500,000pcs.

Gas Hob: 800,000 Pcs / Year

Gas Water Heater: 500,000 Pcs / Year

Range Hood: 300,000 Pcs / Year

Quality Control Advantage

Stable and reliable quality control management system

Greaidea’s factories has been operated according to ISO9001’s rules and are certified by CQC. The comprehensive quality control system is well conducted by well-trained QC team, including:

Reliable supplier’s evaluation system

To reduce the risk of supply disruption during the epidemic, such as epidemic block-down policy, government pollution inspection, electricity restriction. Greaidea carries out its own advanced raw materials & components supplier evaluation system:

1. Conduct consistant strictly on parts.

2. Encouraging suppliers to introduce new technology, new material and new equipment.

3. Provide technical support on daily quality improvement.

  • IQC - Incoming Material Inspection

    Prevent batch quality defects in advance

  • ISC - Initial Sample Confirmation

    Mass production should be same as the initial sample

  • IPQC - Inprocess Quality Control

    100% on line inspection

  • FQC - Final Quality Inspection

    Reliable inspection equipment with strict detection methods & standards

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