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Maintenance & Tutorial Guideline For Gas Water Heater

Maintenance & Tutorial Guideline For Gas Water Heater

February 20,2016

Due to the recent sudden drop in temperature regions, the use of home water heater frequency surge, and now give you a brief introduction of the common gas water heater maintenance methods and simple troubleshooting methods:

Q: Why do you want to vent gas water heater in winter machine memory of water?

A: When the outdoor temperature is too low, the cold air will penetrate to the flue from inside the machine, causing the machine to freeze water in the pipe volume expansion and to split up the water, so in order to protect the water in the machine when the temperature is too low is recommended after each use both by manual operation of water emptying machine memory.

Q: How to operate the gas water heater vent machine memory of water?

A: After opening the inlet port or outlet pipe at the bottom of the fuselage, there is a cylindrical copper drain plug (pressure relief valve), close the water inlet valve, open the hot water tap, unscrew the drain plug (counter-clockwise) ie you can turn on the water until the water dry outflow fashion playback plug can be. Note "or refer to detailed product specifications."

When the water temperature is too low or no water machine water freezing, treatment methods are as follows:

(1) Inside the machine piping water temperature below 2 ℃, open the hot water faucet can be appropriate drainage mitigation;

(2) If no water heater, water tank most likely have been frozen can be connected with a hair dryer or water heater heating pipes were melted, until the water came out, pay attention to your home before the operation to ensure that the valve can be closed at any time, because the water heater after freezing the water tank is easy to wear frozen, thawed if there is water seeping continuously from the bottom of the water heater, turn off the valve immediately after, contact a professional on-site processing.

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